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Diabetic Foot

  • Mr Graham Bowen
  • Level: Advanced
  • Study time: 6 hours
  • Exams: 1
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    • Nine detailed sections
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    Course contents

    What's included?

    Several conditions are associated with increased risk to a patient's foot health., complications can be both limb and life-threatening. Anyone working in the field of foot health must know how to provide a minimum level of assessment, be able to recognise complications and know how and when to refer. This one day course will ensure you and your patients are safer. We will cover: + How diabetes can impact on foot health + Pathway to foot ulceration + Types of ulcers + How NICE guidelines can help but also catch you out + Your legal obligations + Avoiding getting sued + When and how to refer the patient This course is aimed at: + Nurses + Healthcare Assistants + FHP's + Podiatrists + Tissue viability Nurses The course is specifically aimed at increasing the learners knowledge of how disease can increase ulceration risk but with a strong focus on knowing when and how to refer so as to avoid litigation whilst improving the outcomes for your patients.

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    Meet the instructor

    Graham Bowen

    Graham is one of the leading specialist diabetes podiatrists in the UK.  In collaboration with Mr Stuart Metcalfe, we provide a practical approach to understanding how to deal with diabetic foot ulcers.
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